Fast Build Video – Time lapse

Watch this house being built in an amazing time lapse video,  from base foundations right through to completion, it just shows what can be done !… if you can speed up your workforce  🙂  

Watch the time lapse video as they throw up walls and flooring in record time, and talk about tightrope walking on a roof at speed ! 

fast house building

well these guys ( n Gals )  surely get the job done pronto !  Even I was tempted to book them for my house extension i reckon the’d get it built in record time probably less then 3 minutes. Now thats a level of disruption I could cope with.

Amazing how they line all the materials up,  and never imagined thats how they would get the flooring in for the firt floor, by putting the floor down before the walling.

Now I appreciate its a timber frame building, and they can be built super fast, but hey thats modern methods of construction for ya !   Its like a giant lego kit  or meccano set,  they literally throw up walls in seconds ( ok that might in real terms be hours)  but even so thats super fast house building