Build Cost Calculator

This Build cost calculator is for illustrative purposes only – the figures calculated here DO NOT constitute a mortgage / finance offer.   Any formal Finance offers are only issued after full application, site valuation & due diligence has been carried out

0.64% apr

Minimum annual Interest rate
(typical rate 1% pcm)


LTV overall against GDV

3 - 24 Months

24 months Max term available

How much Development Finance can you get?

Our Development finance calculator  enables you to quickly see, what sort of level of development funding you might get for your housing build.  This calculator is primarily aimed at the UK finance lending market. 

It quickly calculates how much deposit you might need, and the impact of if you have additional security you can offer upto the lender.

With additional security you may well get 100% of the purchase / land price AND 100% of the build costs.

The development finance calculator will help you work out how much initial funding you can get towards the land purchase and how much funding you will get towards the build costs.

It will also provide a guide to how much profit your project will make before and after interest and charges, and also the estimated ROI  return on Investment that your building project will achieve.


As a broad guide, most UK finance lenders want to see an ROI of 20% + 

The finance calculator is only for indicative purposes, and the actual finance offer will be subject to a Quantity Surveyor officially  valuing the land  and of cost some breakdown of your build costs to confirm the overall figure is broadly inline with typical build costs for that type of property / conversion.


Build costs calculator instant results

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